Blending film and 3D animation

Sep 2016

Tadhana is a body of work submitted as my HSC Major Work. The series involved a triptych of three printed photographs and a short film. The short film involved rendered animation - compositing digital models over footage shot in Melbourne. The triptych of photographs were a combination of digitally rendered images (similar method to the film); and 3D printed objects photographed in the environment.

"Tadhana means nature and fate in my mother's native language of the Philippines. I wanted to explore the displacement and loss of psychological connection that humans are experiencing in the built environment and what happens when we reconnect with the natural. I was conceptually inspired by the dream theory of Carl Jung; his proposition that dreaming is the subconscious connection humans make with the world, connecting with a universal language of symbols. My media were selected as an exploration of new technologies and possibilities, involving the photography of 3D printed models that have been digitally drawn, and the synthesis of these models with computer-generated animation and film."